Cisco and IBM Security will work together to address the growing global threat of cybercrime.

In a new agreement, Cisco and IBM Security will work closely together across products, services and threat intelligence for the benefit of customers.

Cisco security solutions will integrate with IBM’s QRadar to protect companies across networks, endpoints and cloud.

Customers will also benefit from the scale of IBM Global Services support of Cisco products in their Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offerings.

The agreement also establishes a new relationship between the IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos security research teams who will begin collaborating on threat intelligence research and coordinating on major cybersecurity incidents.

A core issue impacting security teams is the proliferation of security tools that do not communicate or integrate. A recent Cisco survey of 3,000 chief security officers found that 65% of their organisations use between six and 50 different security products.

The Cisco and IBM Security partnership will focus on helping companies reduce the time required to detect and mitigate threats.

Source: Business Tech