In today’s hyper-connected society, innovation is key to streamlining business communication.

This necessity is the driving force behind the increased adoption of web conferencing solutions, as well as the increased number of vendors entering the market.

Assessing web conferencing solutions can pose a challenge for businesses, and often results in the decision to go straight for the familiar Skype for Business.

Having established itself in the consumer market, Skype continues to be an easy choice for simple communication.

Skype is focused towards lightweight, ad-hoc communication needs, such as Instant Messaging, and basic screen and file sharing functions.

Richer communication and collaboration requirements call for a robust solution that is customisable and scalable – Adobe Connect can meet these needs by offering immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, training and large scale webinars.

Skype for Business and Adobe Connect complement each other.

Skype’s IM function is great for internal communication between colleagues or teams – particularly for follow-up questions or quick discussions, enabling quick, easy, informal communication.

Adobe Connect, delivers a superior virtual presence for webinars, training and meetings.

Making it better suited for communication that needs to be interactive, customised and content rich.

Adobe Connect enables the creation of persistent, interactive online spaces for any situation.

The host can choose to add multiple customisable rooms with their unique content and branding. Hosts can incorporate interactive elements by adding:

  • Chat pods
  • Interactive polls
  • Q&A pods
  • Quizzes
  • Custom pods
  • Range of third party plugins

Adobe Connect’s Add-in for MS Outlook enables seamless integration between the two solutions.

Allowing users to manage their Adobe Connect meeting rooms from within MS Outlook, add meeting details, as well as create rooms quickly and easily from within Outlook.

The choice of web conferencing solution depends largely on the use case, and matching the appropriate solution to the business need. Dax Data has developed a guide to help decision makers understand what capabilities they require in a web conferencing solution.

For businesses looking to support internal communication as well as valuable external communication – a strong case can be made for using Adobe Connect alongside Skype for Business.

Source: Mybroadband