How to Connect the IPhone to a PC Wirelessly

Connecting your iPhone to your computer via the iTunes multimedia management software allows you to transfer music, videos, photos and other data between the device and your PC. As of version 10.5 of iTunes, a wireless connection can be established between your iPhone and PC, allowing you to perform a full synchronization and backup of your device’s content and settings over a Wi-Fi network. A USB cable is required to set up Wi-Fi syncing the first time, after which a wireless connection can be established whenever your iPhone and PC are connected to the same network.

Step 1Launch iTunes on your PC and click the “Help” menu. Select “Check for Updates,” and allow any available updates to install. ITunes restarts after the update process is complete.

Step 2Connect your iPhone to your PC using its USB cable. ITunes automatically detects that an iPhone has been connected and adds it to the “Devices” list.

Step 3Select your iPhone from the iTunes “Devices” list and click the “Summary” tab in the main window.

Step 4Check the “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” box in the “Options” section, and then click the “Apply” button. Allow a full synchronization to take place before disconnecting the iPhone. You can now establish a wireless connection between the iPhone and PC whenever they are connected to the same network.

Things Needed

  • iPhone USB cable
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