Hypothetically, let’s say you run a company called ESI that makes office phones. Now let’s say that you’re looking to respond to the near ubiquity of smartphones with a desktop product that is “Google fast and Apple easy.” What, pray tell, would you call such a device?

“ePhone7” has a certain ring to it, no?

ESI is calling its rather familiarly named product a “smartphone for the desktop,” a fancy way of saying that it’s an office phone with a 7-inch touchscreen tablet built in for accessing contacts, recording, teleconferencing and watch and recording visual voicemail.

From the looks of it, it’s something akin to your standard work phone, with Skype-like functionality baked in. The screen displays corporate directories, call history and supports Google contacts.

On top of that, you get your standard work phone features like inter-office extensions, transfer, conference and call forwarding. Users can also transfer contacts from iOS and Android devices, which sounds like a legitimately handy feature.

No word on pricing yet, but the good folks at ESI are apparently looking to walk you through a demo of the product.